I’m just a movie lover and a guy who has his fair share of experience (mostly bad) with the customs and excise officials.

This page was made to post all the news about the Indonesian Movie Crisis, caused by the new interpretation of the former customs and tax rule on the distribution rights of imported movies in Indonesia. Most of the news are in Indonesian, so I translated them manually  for the whole world to know.

These guys in the Directorate General of Customs and Excise made up a greedy rule that threatens to destroy the Indonesian movie industry. Not just for imported films, but for the national movie industry too. My parents went through the 1960’s hell where American movies was boycotted, and only sucky Indonesian movies remain. Well I don’t want history to repeat itself, I’m doing what I can to prevent that. My only hope is the news that I’ve translated could notify the international world about this crisis.

This whole tragedy and crisis is personal, not just for me, but for the thousands of 21 Cineplex and Blitzmegaplex’s employees, and their families too. So hear ye, hear ye, I got a story to tell….


  1. Dovile says:


    I’m writing an article about the Indonesian film tax etc. for the French based website (inaglobal.fr). Could you please tell me what the current situation is? Are there currently any Hollywood films at the cinemas? If yes, could I verify this information on cinema websites or something like that?

    Also, would you be willing to tell me a bit about yourself? What do you do? When did you set up this website? To be able to include you as a source, if you agree, I’d also need your full name.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. raphael says:

    I heard it has been solved.
    any news on that?

  3. Xin Zhang says:

    Hi, this is Xin from London. Your website is fantastic! Wondering if I can get contact with you to ask some question over the Indonesia film market. Please drop me a email if you want.

    • Hi Xin, really sorry for the very late reply. I haven’t attend to this blog every since the movie ban was lifted. I was also busy with work and family matters too. Thank you for your interest and comments on this blog. And thank you for the compliments, it’s standard fare honestly, I was only using the standard theme and skin haha. Of course you can contact me. I’ll drop you an email right away.

  4. blackxino says:

    for the Indonesian movie market, what is the major type of movies genre in Indonesia movie market?
    is it 70% horror movie? or 70% sexual movies?

    i want to know what movies the directors make overall and what less movies genre they make.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Since the ban was lifted, busy with work and family stuff I forgot to attend to this blog. Figured it served its purpose by now. Thank you for commenting, as for the Indonesian movie market, it is generally filled with 70% sexual movies (having it at just the right amount to pass censorship) that are disguised as horror movies. The next most popular genre would be comedy (or sexual comedies). It is incredibly sad but unavoidable that those two genres sells. Most (I think around 60-70ish percent) of the population couldn’t afford a good education. That’s why they enjoy sex-themed movies like that. That and the movie producers (mostly Indian born and some Indonesians) took advantage of that taste, they kept on making bad sex-themed movies just to rack up quick, easy and effective profit.

      Drama and/or romance (that doesn’t involved sex themes) comes afterward I guess. Followed by “serious” (non-sexual) horror movies, comedy (non-sexual), and historical movies, pretty much tied with movies for children (live action). The rarest genre would be inspirational movies, sci-fi, action / adventure, slice of life and animated (for children and adults). Personally, I think it’s because movie makers just want a quick profit and it’s very time consuming (and expensive) to make a believable action / adventure / sci fi / animated movie.

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