[Breaking News] Omega, the alpha of an Indonesian Movie Business era

Posted: July 25, 2011 in News

By Marvel Sutantio | July 25, 2011

Hi all, first of all apologies for the very long hiatus. I was very busy with my work and personal life. I haven’t got time summarizing and posting Arga Hidayat’s analysis. I’ll do it asap on the next couple of posts. For now I dropped all work and rush to post this happy breaking news.

All of you may heard the new movie importer, Omega Films. Well, the government approved it, the Directorate General of Customs and Excise approved it, even the MPAA approved it too. Well now, it’s official, Omega Films will be bringing the MPAA movies back to Indonesia!

Last Saturday (July 23, 2011) GPBSI, or Gabungan Pengusaha Bioskop Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Cinema Business Association)  held a press conference at the Acacia Hotel, Jl. Kramat Raya No. 81, Jakarta. The following is the report from the press conference. Many thanks to Ms. Ratna Dewi (@veryluckylady88), Fashion Editor CINEMAGS, for her photo and coverage of the event.

There, the chairman, Mr. H. Djonny Syafruddin, SH announced several things:

H. Djonny Syafruddin, SH

1. Non MPAA movies does not fit with Indonesian moviegoers. Prove: There aren’t as many viewers as when MPAA movies were screened. MPAA movies usually bring approximately 800 viewers a day, while local movies only 20-30 viewers a day. Tax income from movies in Jakarta dropped to 50% during the first quarter of 2011. From 3.9 Billion Rupiah to only 1.8 Billion Rupiah due to no MPAA movies. But, even though the income have severely drop, 21 Cineplex made a commitment not to fire anyone or reduce their screens. 10.000 movie workers all over Indonesia is now safe from unemployment.

2. The two distributors; PT Camila Internusa Film & PT Satrya Perkasa Esthetika Film, will still have to pay taxes. No excuses, no pardon given. Omega Films is then approved as an official MPAA distributor.

3. There was never and there will never be Monopoly, because Cinema 21 has always followed the rules. “If there’s a movie that was banned from being screened at a Cinema (Writer’s note : Blitz’s), or a movie screened only in one Cinema (Writer’s note : Only in 21, not on Blitz), now that’s what you call a Monopoly, because it was done through force. You have to tell the difference between the company that screen a movie and the one that imported.  So please, take note of the differences okay? Especially since there have been two KPPU (Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha or the Committee of Business Competition Watch) processes where GPBSI had participated, and there have been no proof of monopoly whatsoever,” said Mr. H. Djonny Syafruddin, SH. “Don’t accuse Cineplex 21 of monopolization. If you want, step up and build as much cinemas or more,” he later added. As it always been, most MPAA movies will be screened both at Cinema 21 and Blitzmegaplex.

4. It takes approximately 12 days for a movie to be screened, from Lembaga Sensor Film / LSF (Film Censor Board)  to the movie screens.

5. HARRY POTTER will be screened this end of the month, because we want to keep up with international schedule. There are 99 copies of HARRY POTTER 7-2 movie in process, most of them are 2D. 3D is to be confirmed. There are no exact date for it, due to the massive copying process. They’re usually copying 30-40 copies, now 99 copies. It will be screened simultaneously all over Indonesia, but delay should be expected, due to said copying process.

6. Admission/movie TICKET prices WILL NOT be increased! Cinema 21 understands that we’re in a tough time

7. TRANSFORMERS 3 will be screened, following the screening of  2-3 local films.  But it will most probably before Lebaran. 

8. Not all past summer movies will be screened. Distributor will only picked those which are deemed popular for Indonesian viewers

9. Don’t ask about Omega Films. The government & MPAA already approved them. If more questions arised, stability will be threatened. There are 16 movie importer in Indonesia, 3 of them has been audited, 1 passed (PT Amero Mitra Film), 2 are still on process, while the other 13 will soon be audited. The MPAA chooses the new Omega Films (#17). It’s their choice, Cinema 21 can’t do anything about that.

10. KUNG FU PANDA 2 will hopefully be screened during Lebaran Holiday (Statement made by Yan Widjaya)

11. Only 19 out of 33 provinces in Indonesia have Theaters/Cinemas. Cineplex 21 feels it is their job to encrease more screens and reach more provinces.

Looking at this, the movie crisis has come to an end, but things will never be the same again. Genre specific movie fans, those who love certain niche genres, and people who just love artsy, “idealistic” movies (the one with incredible production value or technique, such as the alien movie “Monsters”, the 4 babies from around the world documentation “Babies”, etc) will still be left in the dark. This is very unfortunate, since these types of movies that gives the most knowledge. Giving Indonesian movie makers the inspiration, the technique and the skills they need to expand and be better. These types of movies usually aren’t interesting for most Indonesian, but they will learn a thing or two given the exposure and time. But now, it will never happen. My point is, both Indonesia’s movie makers and movie lovers won’t “grow”. They’re just gonna be stagnant, following and trying to raise their bars based on mainstream movies.

On the next post, I will put up a transcript from Mr. Syafruddin’s speech. Credits also goes to Ms. Ratna Dewi for the data.



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