Movement, Action and Reaction

Posted: May 23, 2011 in News

By : Marvel Sutantio | May 23rd 2011

Gerakan 1 Juta orang butuh film bermutu di bioskop Indonesia or @Gerakan1Juta has been quite a force in the cyber world. With over 38k likes in facebook and 1.6k followers in twitter, more than this blog or @imcaction. Personally, I followed it and support it too. Hope everyone who reads this would do the same too.

Action! or Gerakan 1 Juta, or any other similar movement are just different names of a same force. We’re all Indonesian, we’re all movie lovers who cared about movies and the movie industry. Hopefully we can all join forces, support each other and push on until we can get the government’s and ultimately, the international public’s attention.

Just a gentle reminder to everyone involved, our ultimate goal is to get an international tax, trades, business or law experts to delve deeper into the Indonesian Movie Crisis case. Gathering a bunch of people, even 10 million people will never, ever change the government’s decision. That’s why we have to know what we have to do. Once we gather the masses, it’s time to appeal to the international public.

With that aside, follow @Gerakan1Juta , like its FB fan page, and also follow @imcaction and put a twibbon to your twitter profile picture, here: and FB Profile picture, here :

Support the 1 millionth movement & take Action!


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