It’s time for Action!

Posted: May 2, 2011 in News

By : Marvel Sutantio

After getting various support from people around twitter & facebook, it’s time to gather all of them under one roof. A media where we can voice our thoughts about this Indonesian Movie Crisis, as well as a place where we can stand together, to spread the word to our foreign friends all over the world and voice our opinion. It’s  a movement that can end the Indonesian Movie Crisis. This is our fight, this is our Action!

The objective of Action! is:

1. To give a better understanding, as well as spreading the Indonesian Movie Crisis case nationally and internationally.

2. To share the facts about the unexplained enforcement of the new interpretation of Regulations No.17 / 2006. It overrides the old Regulation (No.10 / 1995). This new interpretation changed the way how movie royalties must be paid. The new audit was based on it, if it was still based on the old regulations (or interpretation), the movie importers wouldn’t need to face a $3 billion “debt”.

3. To have international tax, business, or trades experts and even government officials to notice and help us in reviewing, as well as resolving this whole crisis.

And to do all that we must do it together. And no matter who you are, if you love movies, if you want things to go back the way they were, if you want to enjoy imported movies in Indonesia again, if you care about the movie business,…

Join us and take Action!

Follow us on Twitter : @imcaction

Start joining our cause via twitter :

As well as facebook :

  1. curhatsinema says:

    Kok pake bahasa Inggris -_-

  2. chelseagurl says:

    Its about time the government realizes that they have made a BIGGG mistake and try to mend the damage they have done because lets face it we LOVE to watch the American movies and this does not mean that our local Indonesian movies will suffer….remember…. when we have competition we strive to better ourselves…this tax that the government wants to levy is unnecessary and absolutely brutal and are literally bringing the cinema chains like XX1 and Blitz to the ground and in fact throwing mud on them as if being thrown on the ground is not bad enough…its heartless and they need to open their eyes to what the people of Indonesia want…and comon we all are nationalistic and LOVE our country but we know where to draw the line we should not create a scenario where it hampers the growth of our economy coz we dont want to make enemies with America …we need them as much they need us….since we are a fast developing and dynamic country…lets not make enemies …that is the last thing we need!

    I only hope and pray that this gets resolved soon and we get to enjoy all the latest movies when they have world wide releases with us…: )…. since summer is fast approaching… and the last thing we need now is PIRACY to thrive… : (

  3. Ayo says:

    Jadi gimana caranya take action? dengan ga mau nonton film cabul? dengan protes di kantor pajak? ato dengan cara tereak ke distributor film di indonesia?
    gw denger yg boycot ini justru pihak distributor indonesia? yg bener yg mana?
    the hell!
    sementara itu nikmatin dulu pocong goyang karawang deh

    • Mengharapkan “orang kita” sendiri untuk menyelesaikannya sudah hampir mustahil, Sekarang tinggal masalah gimana nego harga antara distributor dan bea cukai saja. Proses nego, lobi dll ini lah yang makan waktu super lama ky sekarang. Untuk mengetahui mana yang bener2 benar dan mempercepat proses, harus ada intervensi pihak asing. Biar ahli pajak, dagang dan WTO sendiri yang ikut membantu menyelesaikannya. Untuk itu kita harus menjadi sebuah force to reckoned with. Dengan semakin banyaknya follower @imcaction & @Gerakan1Juta , makin menunjukkan kalau mayoritas, bahkan hampir semua orang Indonesia tidak setuju dengan kekonyolan kasus pajak ini.
      Soal siapa yang boycott no one can say for sure, pihak MPA sendiri keberatan dengan interpretasi pajak baru itu, dan pihak distributor pun statusnya sekarang sebagai pihak yang berutang akibat interpretasi pajak tsb. Mereka mau masukin pun gak bisa (mau masukin film dan bayar pajak pakai apa, wong utangnya aja satu org rata2 bs $1 billion gitu loh?)

      Wlopun utangnya itu blon pasti sgitu yang mereka bayar (tgantung nego) tetep aja klo ke depannya proses pembayaran gak beres, bs2 distop ato terhambat lagi impor film. Maknya sebs mungkin diselesain ama pihak luar. Tolong bantu support, sebarin ke teman2 ya. Thanks

  4. Andi B says:

    Active people get things done. Good for you Marvel ! My wife and i have been wondering ‘how long will it be, before we can watch box office movies again ?’ Customs officials are experts in making people wait. But if we just sit around and wonder the only Box Office hits we will be watching will be 2 year-old re-runs on the telly !
    Now it looks like the customs department is starting to wake up – and this is because people like you are becoming active and doing something about it ! Well done ! I’m looking forward to watching Transformers4…..and Fast and Furious5….and Unknown….and Thor…and Pirates and Kings and Harry and….. Thank You !

    • Thank you Andi, but I alone cannot do this. All of us must unite and show the world that we demand clarification and solution. Yup, they sure do. I have lots of personal experience with them marking up the tax for the items I received from abroad. They would do that for such trivial items, they would definitely go all the way for a massive amount of money from the movie tax.

      Yes, I hope so too. I think they already concluded a negotiation with Amero MItra. That’s why we can watch Source Code. Let’s hope the other 2 Importers will be out of this mess too. Please tell your friends about this blog, especially foreign friends. We need the world to know about this. We need to bring this to the world’s Tax, Business, Trades and Law experts, so they can help us with a more objective and fair solution. I’m looking forward to watch Transformers, Fast5, Thor, Green Lantern, Kungfu Panda 2, etc too. Let’s do our best Andi. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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