Pirated VCD & DVD consumption will spike if foreign movies are boycotted

Posted: February 19, 2011 in News

By Pebriansyah Ariefana– detikMovie

Jakarta – If foreign movie distributors stopped distributing Hollywood, Chinese, European, and Indian movies to Indonesia, the outcome will be utterly negative. There’s a big chance that pirated VCD & DVD consumption will spike.

Such is the statement of Movie Director Hanung Bramantyo, while being contacted by detikhot.com, last Saturday (19/02/2011). Even with the abundance of foreign movies in cinemas these days, pirated VCD & DVD are everywhere. Imagine what would happen IF Hollywood movies actually stopped showing up in Indonesian cinemas?

”It will force our people to increase their consumption of pirated DVDs or VCDs. It is inevitable since foreign movies will no longer be in the cinemas.” Said the husband of the actress Zaskia Mecca.

Moreover, the biggest impact of the absence of Hollywood movies in Indonesia will be on the awareness of the people and local movie makers. The flow of information about the advances or breakthroughs of foreign movies will be completely shut down.

“We wouldn’t be able to access it. Of course this is a big blow on our part, regarding information. The latest news about the foreign movies is great way to set benchmarks. A way to set our goals, as a comparison with our own movies, and knowledge of the latest technology”, Said Hanung.

For example, in Hollywood, 3D movies are the rage nowadays. How can we possibly know about it if none of the 3D movies is distributed in our country?.

”It will be very difficuly for us if that were to happen. Because the latest information can teach us a lot of things” he said.


The original article can be found at : http://movie.detikhot.com/read/2011/02/19/110621/1574162/229/konsumsi-vcd-dvd-bajakan-bisa-meningkat-jika-film-asing-stop-beredar


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