Pirated DVDs will the entertainment of choice for disappointed movie fans.

Posted: February 19, 2011 in News

By : Adi Lazuardi – detikMovie

Jakarta – Movie lovers in Indonesia won’t be facing a serious problem in finding the latest Hollywood and European movies. Pirated DVDs will the one and only choice they’ll turn to if Hollywood stops distributing its movies to Indonesia.

“If this unnatural new rule still exist, movie lovers will turn to pirated DVDs. That’s why they need to annul this rule”, said Aan, a movie lover, hanging out at Cineplex XXI Pejanten Village, South Jakarta, Saturday (19/02/2011).

According to this high school student, with the absence of imported movies in cinemas everywhere, the choice of entertainment will be greatly diminished. Even though Indonesian movies aren’t all entirely bad, but there’s almost no variety in the genres.

“Indonesian movies always goes with love stories, we need other kinds of entertainment beside love movies, action for example” said Aan, whose also an avid reader. Aan admits that Indonesian movie makers are already creative enough. But they still aren’t capable of making a decent action movie.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Novi, two girls who loves imported movies shares Aan’s disappointment in the new customs that was made effective last Thursday, February 17th. According to them, the technique and movie quality of Hollywood and European movies still outmatched Indonesia’s.

“Indonesian movies nowadays doesn’t offer anything worthwhile, most of them just sells the women and their bodies. Foreign movies have their fair share of sex appeal and sex scenes, but with better quality and production values,” said Sarah. Novi and Sarah admits watching good movies are a must for them, even if they have to go far and wide.

“If it’s good, then we have to watch it.” Said both of them, singing the same tune.

Meanwhile, Heri, another Cineplex customer has a slightly different opinion regarding the matter. According to him, with the absence of Hollywood and European movies, the local movie makers will be pushed to make better movies with better quality and production values.

”The good thing is, both the viewers and local movie makers’ creativity will be boosted.” Said Heri, who only found out recently about the new customs.

Based on detik.com’s observation, the Cineplex XXI Pejaten Village cinema is still crowded with movie lovers. The cinema is still airing imported movies, such as “The Green Hornet”, “The Mechanic”, and “The King’s Speech”. A couple of the “Coming Soon” frames were still occupied with foreign movies.


The original article can be found at : http://movie.detikhot.com/read/2011/02/19/154155/1574300/229/dvd-bajakan-jadi-pilihan-pecinta-film-asing-yang-kecewa


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