Hollywood stopped distributing its movies, hundreds of cinemas will be out of business

Posted: February 19, 2011 in News

By Pebriansyah Ariefana– detikMovie

Jakarta – The biggest loss will be on the party that imported and distributed foreign movies, Cineplex 21 for example. Hundreds of cinemas that were originally meant to play foreign movies won’t have anything to show its customers.

Such is the statement of Cineplex 21’s spokesperson, Noorca Masardi, during his conversation with detikhot.com through his cellphone, last Friday night (18/02/2011).


“Cineplex 21 has 500 studios in Indonesia. As the party that was given the right to distribute and display imported movies, we will lose hundreds of foreign titles every year. Those 500 studios will only collect dust, they will even be closed down if there’s nothing that we can display.” Said Noorca.


Our local movie production nowadays couldn’t possibly be able to fill the gap, since they can only produce around 50-60 movies each year.


“With only 50-60 local titles each year, the fate of 10 thousand Cineplex 21’s employees, and their families hangs in the balance.” He said.



The original article can be found at : http://movie.detikhot.com/read/2011/02/18/230528/1574094/229/hollywood-stop-edarkan-film-ratusan-layar-bioskop-bisa-digulung


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